Reliable/Safe Vehicle for Family in Snow

Any recommendations for a vehicle that could fit 7 passengers that is safe and reliable especially in snowy conditions??

Highlander, Pilot, Chevy Traverse, Ford Flex etc. There are a bunch out there that offer the near seating accommodations of a van with added clearance, awd and car like ride and handling. Snowy conditions is not specific enough. Light occasional snow, winter tires and traction control are enough. Heavier snow and hills, then awd and winter tires are better. Generally, it seems to be a fairly reliable class of vehicles.

Safe and reliable has more to do with the driver than the vehicle. Real winter/snow tires also make a big difference. Honda Pilot or Odyssey.

How big are the 7? If all adults, test out the 3rd row seats before you buy, many are pretty tight.

Too vague. Is this for just one trip through Buffalo…or is this for living in a snowy area…If so…where…because the answer will help us determine what type of vehicle you may need.

First find you …

A reliable/safe DRIVER for family in snow.

Tires !