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Looking for a new midsize SUV

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a new vehicle for my growing family. We already have two vehicles; a 2000 Nissan Altima with 90k miles and minor trim damage, and a 1999 Jeep Cherokee with 115k miles. I’d like to upgrade to a vehicle with third-row seating for somewhere in the 20-35k range, new or used. Basically something that can fit two car seats and a grandmother comfortably on long trips!

I’ve looked over the Kia Sorento and it seems like an okay choice; as does the Ford Edge. My wife and I share a distrust of domestic vehicles, so the Edge might be a hard sell.

Are there any other vehicles I should look into? Thanks!

You need 3 rows, the Edge has 2, but the Flex is getting rave reviews (here’s a long term test: ). The Pilot, Highlander, and Acadia/Traverse/Buick? are also great choices. Get the new Consumer Reports car issue, lots of info.

You going to do any towing??

No, no towing. And I only need 4x4 for snow conditions.

Where do you live at that you NEED 4wd for snow. There are very few places in the US that you NEED 4wd for driving in snow. Nice to have…yes…but NOT needed.

With no towing then you can get one of the car type SUV’s (Pilot, Highlander). You’ll have to drive them to see if they are big enough for you.

I’m with MikeinNH…a car based awd suv and you’re in the sweet spot with your price range for the Pilot/Highlander. I can’t think of any other mid suvs wth their room and reliability. GM makes a great SUV in the GMC,CHEVY,Saturn(no more line) but with poor reliability ratings.

I can’t think of any other mid suvs wth their room and reliability

The Pathfinder and the 4runner are in that range…both extremely reliable. If no towing then they may be overkill.

Honda Pilot. I have a Honda Ridgeline and love it. Go with the reliability ratings out there.

I have a 4Runner which we like very much, but it like the Pathfinder are off roaders with ground clearances that makes them tougher to load and get into. The space efficiency suffers too with the 4 Runner. The new one, is even more hardcore. Not many people need the problems that 9.5 inches of ground clearance under a full frame represents.
The Pilot is van on steroids with awd and a great choice IMO.

Look at the Kia Rondo. It seats 7 and is at the low end of your price range. It’s not 4WD, but you could lose the Altima if you absolutely must have 4WD.

With 2 car seats and grandma, I’d say look for a minivan instead of an SUV, it’ll make loading and unloading a bit easier.

Not many people need the problems that 9.5 inches of ground clearance under a full frame represents.

What problems???

I hate to tell you this…but the Pilot and 4runner heights are within an inch of each other. The highlander height from seat to ground or from the rear cargo area to ground is the same as the 4runner.

Boy… Do you own a 4Runner ?..I do. Do you have access to a Pilot; Next door ? I do, and regardless of your ability to google. It’s much easier to climb in and out of and load my friends Pilot than my 4Runner that 9.5 inches under a full frame represents. BTW, problems include handling compared to a Pilot…I’m only giving real life experiences here sparky…cut some slack