Phone 1998 bmw 740 il

My phone turns on and off by itself even when the car is turned off…

I think it runs my battery down also as often times I am having to charge my battery now.

Any help

The phone shouldn’t use enough juice to run down a healthy battery. Low battery voltage can cause electronics to do funny things. So, the first step is to get the battery and charging system checked.

Sorry to contradict but, yes, your factory BMW phone which is pre-wired into several control modules can definitely kill your battery. There is a standard acceptable draw on your system. BMWs of your style have a time period of 15 minutes after you turn off the car, that it takes for them to do what we call, “Go to sleep”. The active computers and memory banks all shut down, and you have a minumum draw which should be under 50 milliamps. Usually it is much lower than that like 25 or 30 milliamps. Someone needs to test your battery and make sure it load tests good and is holding a charge, then test the draw after 15 miunutes of rest. A phone still on will pull WAY more than that. Newer models have a factory phone wiring problem which kills batteries for the same thing, so it might be time to disconnect your BMW phone and call Verizon or the like for a pocket phone.