Battery dies after 2 days of not using car,

My battery will die if I do not use my car in 2 days, or in 1 day if temperaturee drops below 65 degrees f (Cold in Miami). I drive a 95 BMW 318i, manual.

There’s a draw on the battery or bad battery. I doubt 65 has anything to do with it

How old is your battery? How far do you drive your car each day?

I suggest having the battery and the charging system tested. Most auto parts stores will do it free.

Heat is harder on a battery than cold. Your battery spends much more time in heat than it ever will in cold.

The battery could be on its last legs or the charging system may not be charging enough. Or you may not be driving long enough to keep the battery charged.

Another possibility is something causing excessive battery drain when the car is parked.

Battery is brand new (2 or 3 months). The shop checked the charging system, because I did return the original battery I had bought, and they insisted i5t was not the battery, and did not find any problems. They exchanged the battery anyhow. Usually I drive the car short distances, ( 1 to 3 miles per trip) but even when I drive longer distances,( 10+ miles) the problem exists. When checking for amperage when car is shut down, the draw is at about 0.24 amps. With everything off.

the draw is at about 0.24 amps. With everything off.

[b] BINGO!  That is way too high.[/b]   Try pulling fuses while measuring the drain to pinpoint the problem.  Look for things like lights on in the trunk or glove box for example.

Thanks, will do!

Sorry my mistake. Correct reading was 0.0024 amps, has the wrong setting on the ampmeter.

I disconnected the trunk light, see if that is the culprit. I have removed fuses for alarm and radio in the past.