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Peugeot parts and repairs

The woman with the 87’ 505 wagon needed a source for service and parts. Peugeot Holm is very helpfull

reasonable and has been around for ever. Western Hemispheres is another cheap source.

(google the web site.) The 2.2 turbo is prone to head cracks, but is probably a result of poor maintenance other than design. The pushrod engine (2.0 hemi) is about as bullet proof as it gets, the usually need a head gasket about 125k, but the engine is very reliable otherwise. Keep the manual tranny full of oil and it will last a very long time. it “splits” vertically, so it has a tendancy to leak the 20w50 motor oil required. Do NOT use gear oil in these manual units! Will turn the unit into a “crash” box, sychros will fail. These cars, with care, are rugged, sweet riding gems, the wagon is a virtual pick-up with awesome cargo room and 1/2 ton load capacity. Parts are available new, and are CHEAP! These are pretty easy to work on also.

It’s a Peugeot. Pffffffft.