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1987 toyota pickup

love my 87 with 157,000 miles. Use it for work. But now after over heating the mechanic says I’ve blown a head gasket. And need a new engine as well. Fluid going out the tail pipe. This is the first and only major repair on this truck. (New transmission at 20,000)

Should I give it up and put the 2002 into farm work service or have an engine replacement. If so, where do I get one the mechanic says get one on the internet. Installation $600.

I’m not sure I understand- Why do you need a new engine if it just needs a head gasket. A bad head gasket will allow your radiator fluid into the cylinders and thus blow it out the exhaust. That explains what you’re seeing come out of the tail pipe.

Thus once low on fluid- your engine ran hot. At this point you only need a new head gasket and fluids. The only factor is how long did the engine run after it got hot? If the engine froze up or a head cracked then a replacement engine might be best. But like I said- if it’s just a head gasket- replace it and that will fix all of the symptoms you described.