Peugeot 2008 - trunk (boot) space?

I’m trying to reserve a rental car in France and this car seems suitable but would the trunk have enough space for 2 carry-on size suitcases and 2 larger ones?

If you are in the US then you should know Peugeot has not been sold here in years . Ask the rental car company this question or look at the Peugeot web site . I seriously doubt if you are going to rent a 2008 version anyway.

It’s in France. Sorry–failed to state that.

I think 2008 is a model and not a year.

I’m from USA, though.

If it’s the 208 that you meant then at least for two people this size could work. Basically the size of the Honda fit or Ford fiesta hatch. Depends on how big the luggage is. We had 3 of us in a Nissan Micra for a week in Ireland. Three carry-on size suitcases fit in the back of the car but the cargo cover had to ride in the backseat.

The Peugeot 2008 is a subcompact SUV, you can find images of these on the internet;

Ah–wasn’t able to find an image boot space. I think this will do.

Thanks, all.

Its a very popular car in France due to high cost of gasoline. It should handle tons of luggage.

Well, perhaps 1/4 ton of luggage…

Sounds like the thing for us. Last year we rented a Renault Megane, which was fine.

I fixed Your statement for You :grin:

So, you also think that it can handle TONS of luggage?
If we assume “tons” to mean a minimum of 2 tons, I really doubt that its suspension or its tires could take a load of 4,000 lbs in addition to the weight of the passengers.

Of course, I could be wrong…

Well, I doubt 4000 lbs will fit in the overhead…

I dunno, but maybe you can find the actual dimensions on the internet or Peugeot site. It depends on how many inches or CM or whatever are from the back of the seat to the hatch, and how much that hatch is slanted. I rented a Jeep Renegade and both suitcases and carry ons would not fit in the back because it was just too short. If you don’t need the back seat no problem.

This should help: (I guess you have to click on “interior” to get the dimensions)

Looks like 752 mm deep and 1042 wide, but quite a slant on the hatch.

This might explain why they are not in the US anymore. Can you imagine going to a Peugeot dealer and saying you want to see a 2008 . Is he going to show you a new car or lead you to the used section to see a 10 year old vehicle.

Nah, You’re right. 8 trips with 500 lbs - job done,

Ok, I’ll admit.You got me on that one :flushed: