Need rental car help

Hi; I’m not knowledgeable about cars (I live in Manhattan and don’t own one) and have a choice of rental cars for driving around Corsica this summer - either a BMW Series 1 or a Ford Focus. By far the most important factor to me is trunk space for luggage; if anyone in this expert community could give me some advice I’d be most appreciative. Thanks!

I recently rented a Ford Fiesta in Italy, the trunk held two rollaboards and a computer bag, just. But the small size was a major plus negotiating the narrow winding roads. You do know how to drive a stick, correct?

I don’t know the comparitive trunk room between the 1 and the Focus - will you be getting the 1 hatchback? Since neither the Forcus nor the 1 hatch are sold here it’s hard to get good luggage room info. You might go the their Great Britain web sites.

I would want to make sure the luggage is out of sight.

Thanks for the quick response! Both of the alternatives are automatics. Searching the UK websites is a great idea; thanks again.

OK, just make absolutely sure you’ll have the automatic there when you arrive, they’re much less common than manuals in Europe.

Gas prices on Corsica are running around $7-$8 bucks a gallon…