Largest Trunk?

Which 2007/2008 sedan has the largest trunk space? Will be renting in FL and, unfortunately, have to have space for two rolling walkers. Thanks. C.

Are you talking about walkers as used by the elderly? Don’t those fold down? How many will be travelling togeter?

If you really need a HUGE trunk, you can’t go wrong with a Crown Vic, Grand Marquois, or Town Car. They are essentially the same.

They are walkers but have 4 wheels, seat and basket. They fold but not completely and are a bit awkward to stow. Am looking for a car to rent that’s ample but not in the luxury price range. 4 passengers, two with the rolling walkers.

See if you can check out a Taurus or Sable trunk at your local dealer. They are ample, but not as huge as the full sized Ford products.

You might also look at Chevy Impalas. They have a huge trunk, and are just as comfortable and big inside as the Crown Vic. Also, almost every rental agency has them.

The NEW Ford Taurus (old Ford 500) has an enormous trunk and it’s very deep. It’s the biggest I’ve seen so far.

you should get a minivan. Not only will there be room for the walkers, but the entry height is much better for people that have a hard time walking. Cars are too low and can be hard to get out of.

Or a SUV. Prices on SUVs are petty good these days. I had one in Orlando this summer and it was about the same price as an intermediate car.

Mini van front seats aren’t too bad for older folks. They can sit down and turn in to the seat. Back or way back seats OTOH require a lot of climbing. The seats are not near enough to the doors for the sit and turn manuver. Climbing is not advised for walker users. Ask my 90 year old mother if you don’t believe me.

Thank you all very much. I shall check out the Ford Taurus, Chevy Impala and Saturn before I rent. Looked up specs and the Ford Taurus seems to have the most cargo space.

From experience I can tell you that ONE rolling walker will fit in the trunk of an Impala but not two. And there isn’t room for a walker between the seats without totally ripping up the apolstery.

Ford Five-Hundred has a generous trunk that may or may not work. Would think the back end of an SUV or minivan would be better but then you have the issue getting the people in and out of a vehicle with a high climb in/out height.

Recommend you actually try putting the two walkers in a few vehicles BEFORE renting anything, if at all possible.