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Persistent Start-up issues

Here is my Chronicle of Carnia.

99 4Runner V6, began having start up issues about three weeks ago. It would turn on, then die out in about 10-15 seconds, during the process audibly blowing the air filter in and out of its housing. So far, I’ve replaced a crumbling PCV valve and grommet (in the process gave a visual once over to the cams and valves; everything looks fine, no visible damage or errant metal), spark plugs, MAF sensor, vacuum lines, and the fuel filter. Now, it simply sounds like it’s not getting any fuel and won’t fire up at all, but sounds perfectly normal when it cranks over. The fuel pump is only a year old, all fuses are good to go. Ideas?

Will it run with the air filter not in the housing? Could be a blockage on the intake side of the filter housing.

What is your fuel pressure? Pump could be bad, even if it is only a year old.

Tried starting it up without any of the intake housing connected, still no life. I’ll test the fuel pressure.

Try spraying starting fluid in it, if it fires up on that it is a fuel problem.