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Im stumped

its getting fire, and gas in the fuel rail have fire on injector. wont start. but if i use starting fuild. trys to start

What were the symptoms and repairs leading up to this point? Also what mileage?

Have you checked the fuel pressure? Has the timing belt slipped perhaps?

I suspect timing as well.

You need a fuel pressure gauge on it before anything else. Find out what the spec is for the vehicle (can probably use Autozone’s online repair info) and make sure it is there.

I bought the 4 runner from a man @ work,it sat for a year when I bought it. He told me he had a new timing belt,distibuter cap rotor and wires and water pump replaced and said it was running when he parked it but had problems with it running hot. I have replaced the fuel filter,old gas,coil and coil wire. When I try to start the truck it turns over but won’t start but if I shoot it with starting fluid while turning it over it does try to start. Haven’t checked the fuel pressure with a guage but it seems to have good Fuel pressure. The fuel is reaching the injectors. I don’t think the injectors are opening, what relay should I check and where is it located? Also when I turn the switch on the check engine light does not come on even when I run the jumper to check engine code it still does not come on. I’ve tried everything I can think of,it’s getting fire but won’t start. The mileage is 178,000 V6 4 wheeldrive,automatic. Tried starting in nuetral and in park.

Your gas may have gone bad, gotten water via condensation, or turned to varnish in the fuel system while sitting for a year, so replacing the gas was a good thing. It may help to add sea foam as directed and give it some running time to let stuff work it’s way through the system. Otherwise I would look at some injector cleaners, 3m has a good system.

where do i get sea foam from and what does it do?

Sea Foam is available almost anywhere, it is my favorite fuel stableizer, moisture reducer and carb and fuel injector cleaner that goes through gas in the tank. I suggested the 3m system because you may need a more agressive fuel injector cleaner to fix your problem, my thoughts.

for all that has help me . i say thank you all very much. will try what has been posted. a friend told me of this site .

“Also when i turn the switch on the check engine light does not come on.”

This means your PCM/computer is not powering up.

Most likely the PCM is powered from a relay that closes when you turn the ignition switch. I’d check the relay.

A good wiring diagram is your best friend for figuring this out.

If you have the owners manual see if it gives the location for the relays. Probably under the hood in a fuse/relay box.