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Permatex form-a-gasket 80017-80019

… I can’t edit or compose the last few lines. Some users may have responded to them although it is nonsensical, and I apologize for that. - will try to fix it later - but for this post, I’m interested to know if this product will improve the seal between fuel hoses and plastic or aluminum or steel fittings - I suspect not because cleanup is achieved with alcohol.

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I’m interested to hear some comments about this Permatex product:

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… would you believe I could not get a desktop for a few days because - and this never happens except precisely when I make a post like this - the GD ethernet cable disappeared. WTH is happening to my life! What’s next - can’t breathe because didn’t pick up some air from the air store?

ok sorry for the rant, just needed to get it off my chest.

It tastes terrible.

I’ll cut to the chase

What problems do you have with your car?

What isn’t working?

What is leaking?

What is borken?

@db4690 I appreciate the comment, but should I really get into all that now? I am waiting for a better time - but in particular I can smell fuel vapor at a hose-fitting connection clamped with one clamp. The fitting is aluminum. The fitting wasn’t perfectly round when I clamped it on.

Not to be snarky . . .

But is it time for a new hose and clamp?

nah, that would be too easy. A can or two of Flex Seal (as seen on TV) would do the job just fine.

The hose and clamp are new. I installed it by pushing it into the fitting and clamping it. I take the comments above to mean the out-of-round fitting is the problem, and that no sealant or Permatex stuff will help - except flex-seal… unless that was sarcastic.

sarcasm was intended. Flex Seal will not adhere to a smooth surface. db4690 had the proper solution.

I see.

So that Permatex product - or anything else - won’t even help if it is applied between the hose and fitting?

That is not a proper solution. When you tighten the clamp the sealant may enter the fuel line and cause problems.

Well then what I’ll do next is put a second hose clamp on, which has worked before, while I figure out how to get a new-ish aluminum filler neck, or longer hose.

As for the Permatex product - might just get some anyways to see how it works.

Here’s the product I would suggest-

You could attempt to restore some of the shape to the fitting if replacing it is difficult or undesirable. A pipe expander would be best but I’ve used a number of backyard approaches in the past when the right tools/parts were not available. Something as simple as a cone shape can be tapped into the end to at least restore the very end and help seal against the hose. Apply the seal-all behind the flare to ensure you don’t get anything up in the hose or nipple. Then clamp just behind the flare…

How much pressure is on the connection and how much overlap is there? I have used Permatex Indian Head gasket shellac to seal fuel lines for years. On fuel injection systems where pressure can exceed 50 psi the shellac will seal a clamped rubber hose connection if the metal and rubber lines are securely fixed. High pressure will push the hose off a smooth metal line regardless how tightly clamped if either end of the connection is free to move. It’s likely that the Peratex product mentioned is similar if not identical to the Indian Head product

I recommend applying the sealer to the metal line and allowing time for it to get tacky before installing the rubber hose and then allowing the assembled joint to cure before putting pressure on it. And that product makes a great thread locker…

Oh @Rod_Knox , are you just trying to get me to buy some more Permatex products?

@TwinTurbo I saw that stuff in the store - we’ll have to see.

You know I had a coolant leak once that was cured by putting on a second hose clamp - hoping this will work - oh, the line is a vapor line, I don’t know the pressure but it’s got to be very low compared to other lines.