Periodic exhaust smell in 2012 Chevrolet Equinox

I have a 2012 chev. equinox that I smell exhaust every once in awhile. I’ve had the intake and exhaust manifold replaced and checked the exhaust pipe still can’t find it. The smell might be there if I drive any distance the turn it off for maybe a 1/2 hr. Then nothing.

I would strongly suggest you buy some carbon monoxide warning badges and hang one from your mirror.

Something like this:

If what you smell really IS exhaust, it is dangerous and can kill you. This is not something to delay!

If you think there is an exhaust leak, shove a potato into your exhaust pipe when the car is idling. If there is a leak it will hiss quite loudly so you can find it. To get the potato out, rev the engine and it will pop out. Stay clear as it can exit with some speed!