Burning smell inside my 2007 chevy equinox

Just like the title states, there is an intense burning smell (like plastic or electronic) inside my 2007 chevrolet equinox. I first noticed it this morning; last night there was no smell. The smell is most intense on the driver’s side under the steering column. I checked the fuses and none of them are blown and everything seems to be working on the interior of the car. I am having electrical issues with the back windshield wiper not working and the passenger airbag seat indicator not working, but both of those issues have been going on for a while now. The only other issue I know of is that sometimes (but not everytime) my key won’t come out of the ignition when I turn the egine off. To get it out, I push the little realease button on the interior of the steering column. I have been doing this for about a year now, but I wouldn’t think that that would have anything to do with a burning smell… Any ideas, suggestions?

My off hand suggestion is to have the car towed to a reputable, local shop for diagnosis. You really don’t want your dashboard to catch fire while you’re tooling down the road. Its been known to ruin an otherwise good day. Really - if the smell is as bad as you say don’t mess around with it. Cars do occasionally just catch fire from electrical issues.

And, btw, typically a fuse is supposed to blow to avoid this kind of thing. Perhaps you should take a really close look at your fuse box and make sure that all of the fuses are correctly rated for their slots. E.g. no 20A’s where a 15A is supposed to go, etc.

If you feel up to it you can take a screwdriver and remove the upper and lower plastic covers to the steering wheel column. Then you can inspect the wires inside. If you see any burnt insulation or heat-distorted connectors, you have found the problem. Anyone with a little experience in electrical repair can fix it up for you. But you still should follow up on cigroller’s suggestion of ensuring the proper fuses are installed.

If you do decide to mess around with the steering column, at the very least pull the fuse for the air bag system. That’s another thing that can ruin an otherwise good day.

I agree with cigroller. Get the car checked out now before a big fire starts. Do not park in your garage until then.

Is it at all possible you drove over a plastic bag, and that is what you are smelling as it burns on the exsaust?? Would not be the first time this has happened…