Performance Chip Stage 4

Anyone used Stage 4 Performance Chip Module OBD2 +LCD Monitor from performance chips? I read some reviews but we’re not really helpful.

Most modern cars (OBD-II compliant) don’t use chips for ECU tuning.

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My own review is… save your money on a “performance” chip. Generally the only real “improvement” is the shifting of money from your wallet to the salesperson.

Mazda’s engineers surely did a fine job tuning your car at the factory.


Alright thanks. What can I do about the sluggish acceleration? I have the 6 speed manual, and it’s really lagging between 3–4-5-6. I’m shifting at around 2500 to 3000 RPMs maybe I’m just shifting at low rpm’s but I’ve always done that with every stick shift I’ve owned.

You’re shifting for best mpgs, not best acceleration. Try shifting at 4000, see how you like it.


Thanks much.

Or shift at 5000 rpm and see how you like that… or 5500…

Performance problems under load (rapid acceleration, going uphill, etc) could be a problem with the fuel pump, fuel filter, or exhaust system, esp the cat. Could also be the engine displacement & compression won’t support the performance desired. Common sense says make sure the spark plugs and air filter remain in good condition and check the timing advance. On newer cars using a higher octane gasoline might be helpful also. The computer will retard the timing if it detects engine knocks.

Seeing you don’t mention year, guessing you have the 2.5 SKYACTIV-G engine

You need to be using premium fuel and shifting above 4000
Shifting at 2500-3000 RPM you’re not even into your power band

Your peak HP is at 5800 RPM
Your peak torque is at 3250

It’s a sports car, drive it like one.


I wonder why if this person was disapointed in the acceleration they did not drive it like they stole it just once to see what it would really do . It is kind of nice to know just what the performance of a vehicle is even if you don’t drive that way .

Exactly, sounds like my brother. In ‘70s he bought an Austin Healey 3000, on the test drive he was lugging the engine. The salesman took over, showed him how to drive it, very good performance. But after purchasing my brother continued to lug the engine. It was painful to ride with him. My father was the same way with manual shift cars.
My last manual was an 84 Rampage 5 speed, 5th being overdrive. But, being a Dodge, dealer could not get the tach to work consistently, I had to drive by ear.

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