2006 Acura RSX - Performance boost

I’m thinking about getting a performance chip for my RSX Type S 06. I really want a little boost to horsepower and torque. What should I do?

Forget it and don’t waste your money.


I have to agree with Volvo here. I’ve owned Civic Si and Integra models. Chipping a normally-aspirated engine that has all of its power at the top end is not worth the time and hassle. Now, if you had a boosted GTI, MazdaSpeed3, or WRX we could have a different chat.

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All a “chip” is going to do is add ignition timing forcing you to run premium gas. Not worth the cost.


Many ‘chips’ are scams, if they’re from the ‘we’ll sell you a chip for every model made’ web sites.

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His car already requires premium. Hondata and some other tuners allow VTEC to be adjusted to come on more gradually and at lower RPMs. This makes it easier to stay in VTEC after gear change.

The best thing to do is to lookup a honda/acura forum and see if someone local is willing to demo their modded car, ask them questions.

11:1 compression and port fuel injection. Probably requires premium anyway.

My local Barnes and Noble bookstore stocks a magazine title “Honda Tuning”. That’s where I’d look if I wanted to chip a Honda engine for a little improved performance. As posted above the amount of performance improvement will be limited, and there is the downside of possible internal engine damage. But it is your engine, you get to decide. To get really noticeable improvement you’d have to implement some combo of

  • forced induction
  • higher compression
  • more displacement
  • reduction in the existing intake and exhaust restrictions

It almost doesn’t matter. If you get more power, the transmission will probably waste it by staying in a lower gear and all you’ll get is more noise. If you only want a little more, you probably won’t be that crazy about it even if it happens. You can tell I’m getting old when I ask “How will performance get my rain gutters cleaned.?” Try to do without the performance chip unless it keeps you from talking like your parents. Roofing anybody?

Sell the car, buy one with more horsepower and better performance.


You can gain a little by removing the back seat, leaving the spare tire home, keeping the gas tank below half full.
See the theme here?

There is no cheap way of getting noticeable gains in performance. If you’re thinking of those “power chips” advertised by the tens of thousands on eBay then forget it. They’re a scam and work as a placebo to many who buy them.

They are a resistor which is fitted into the engine coolant temp sensor and which tries to fool the ECM into thinking that the engine is cold. This means more gas added and more power is the bogus reasoning behind it.