Honda 5-speed transmission

I need an advice where to find more info or how to diagnose what’s wrong with my 5 speed transmission. When shifting from 3rd to 4th gear, before rpms drop, car shakes for a few seconds. It happens only when I have low acceleration. When accelerating harder this problem disappears.

The car is 01 acura cl.

How long ago were the spark plugs replaced?

Replaced them about 50-60Kmiles ago with platinum, which supposed to last 100K.
Car starts without problems and engine runs fine, but I will check spark plugs.
I have also noticed that sometimes when coasting in 3rd or 4th gear (low throttle),
rmps would oscillate - go up and down by ~200-300 without any reason. I was also thinking that it could be TPS related.
Thanks for reply!

You might try a fuel system cleaner like Techron, Seafoam or similar. You may have a dirty injector. Another possibility might be a defective fuel pressure regulator.

Are you sure it is not clutch chatter? The clutch may be getting to the point it needs to be replaced.

It may be the clutch - but why shaking doesn’t happen at harder acceleration ?
How does transmission shift gears?
Shaking happens right before 4th gear is engaged - it seems that 3rd gear is still in and transmission has to disengage it, but then desides to put it back and then disengages again. Could it be a 3rd gear clutch pressure sensor or one of solenoids?

Your point about the problem only happening at lower acceleration is what made me question the spark plugs. I bought a used Honda about a year ago. I started experiencing something similar to what you describe - car shakes at low acceleration but when you really get the RPMs up and delay shifting, no problem. At least initially anyway.

I thought the spark plugs had been recently changed. They hadn’t. When I checked them they were ALL obviously very worn with a gap at least 3Xs as big as it should be. Cylinder 3 was actually slightly singed. That reminds me, I wanted to pull that one again after a couple weeks and make sure it still looks OK.

After new plugs and wires it ran like a champ. A real easy DIY job on a Honda.