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People will research [blank] if it doesn't stink

This is what one of my former Chinese colleague said after sipping on coffee that was just brewed from freshly ground beans.

Apparently, the world is much bigger than China and the Japanese engineers do research it even if it stinks

I imagine there are people that can analyze a car by smelling the exhaust, and probably there is someone who has to sniff Limburger cheese to make sure it is good!

Huh. Two problems solved at once. Clean the sidewalks and power cars. Oh, you said cow poo? Never mind.

But I thought the idea was once promoted that cow flatulents contributed to climate change? I guess there’s no free lunch…or fuel.

Maybe they’ll dub them Fart Cars and they will be the replacement for the Smart Car.


True. But unlike pure carbon dioxide, that cow waste contains hydrogen that the mirai needs to run. I guess they want to extract that hydrogen and discard the co2 that the cow produces anyways

Several years ago I came upon a guy with an idling p/u truck, loading in front of a Lowe’s or Home Depot (good memory, just short). It smelled like deep fryer French fries!

I talked to the guy and was informed that he runs on used restaurant cooking oil that he salvages from eateries.

I always wanted to buy one of those old military Blazers with the 6.5 diesel and run it off of the local Mexican restaurant’s cooking oil. Seems like a good time. Take the top off and ride around soaking in that chimichanga scent.

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I can’t swear to it but seems to me some farmers are already capturing methane from their manure pits to use on the farm. No smoking nearby-kaboom.