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Pending camshaft positioning sensor truck runs great check Engine light on

Pending camshaft positioning sensor on 2007 Ford F150 4x4. Check engine light on but truck runs great. Problem is getting it to pass inspection. HELP!?


The Check Engine light needs to be off when the vehicle goes in for inspection.


Yeah. I’m are of that. Something why sensor is triggering check Engine light when it was replaced as well as pigtail.

If the Check Engine light is on, there has to be a DTC.

What’s the DTC?


A camshaft position sensor code could be caused by

  • faulty sensor
  • faulty wiring or ground
  • faulty connection to ecm
  • faulty ecm
  • problem with the rotating surface the sensor senses

Pending codes do not generally trigger a CEL.

And it could be something other than the sensor/pigtail you replaced. You could have incorrectly wired the pigtail. After all there is no code that will definitively say replace this or that. See George’s post, there are other reasons. Are you sure you found the real problem?
There could also be another code lurking somewhere. Did you actually reset the light or are you waiting for it to go out on its own? Are you using the cheapest code reader you can find and throwing parts at the code?

Did you use an aftermarket sensor? These may not be made to the same tolerance as the OEM and fail to pick up each rotation.

If this is the 3 valve 5.4 liter, those engines were pretty bad to have cam phaser and timing chain issues. I wonder if a problem with the phasers or timing chain could cause the pending code?

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Do you have a OBD scanner. Maybe you can check it with a obd tool like this autel al619 Or check it on this website