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Service engine light on - SPS problem?

So I had a blown engine and replaced it with a junkyard engine. Runs great, smooth, no leaks and all seems ok. Ecept, the service engine light is on. Pulled the code and it says that something is wrong with the camshaft positioning sensor. replaced the sensor but the I am still getting the same code.

Should I be concerned if I keeop driving the car? What can go wrong? I like to get it fixed because I don’t like the engine service light to be on and perhaps miss another problem down the road.

I have two comments:

  • Who knows about the junkyard engine. Maybe it is not an exact replacement for the one you have so the computer thinks there is a problem when there is none.

  • Check Engine lights and codes do not say anything like “Replace the Sensor” They say that they are seeing something unexpected on that circuit. The sensor may be fine. I say this because many people go directly to replace a part that often had nothing wrong with it.