PCV Valve inspection - normal or abnormal?

I replaced my PC valve about 500 miles ago. Went to take a look at it this week as I was replacing the cracked vacuum attached. I noticed it was not slugged up like the old one, but had a light coat of clean engine oil… I thought that the PCV valve was to let vapors get burned in the engine. Was it normal to see actual liquid oil on/in the valve?

Yes, there is usually some oil accumulating there. Oil vapors from the hot engine can condense at that point, as it is cooler. When it gets really full of oil, it can clog up and get stuck. It would be very unusual for it to go bad at 500 miles. I shake my PCV valve to I test it. If I can hear a rattling sound, that means it’s ok usually.

Thanks, I will try that.

You need to check and clean the whole system…The valve, the hose and the vacuum fitting the hose connects to…They ALL can get plugged up, not just the valve…

As engines age, there is more and more blow-by into the crankcase that the PCV system must deal with…Knowing the year, make and model and mileage is always helpful…

2002 subaru outback 165K

I replaced the PCV as it was all gunked up. I replaced the hose because it was cracked at both ends. The inner tube connection looked fine and was patent so I just cleaned it off.