Pathfinder Rear Doors and Rear Hatch Issue

I love my 97 Pathfinder but it has recently become a 2 door!!! Has any of our Pathfinder owners had rear doors and hatch issues. Over the last few months both rear doors and the back hatch have stopped working. Nissan told me the parts were almost $800, that’s nuts!!!

Go to pick a part, or something along those lines. that’s a good place to go for electric door locks and such things. You can get all that stuff there for chump change.

I had to replace one on my 98 Pathfinder. The parts are NOT $800 (even from the dealer). More like $50.,brand:Kool%20Vue,brand:Perfect%20Fit,brand:US%20Auto%20Parts)&omPage=Browse%20by%20Location-Rear,%20Driver%20And%20Passenger%20Side,%20Exterior