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Clanging Noises

I own a 2007 Nissan Versa with about 27000 miles on it. I’ve been hearing these clanging noises (kind of similar to maybe pipes knocking against each other…best way i can describe it). I hear it when i’m braking… whether it be slightly or from everyday braking when driving. Sounds come from the front i think underneath the car and now i’m beginning to feel a shudder (slight) when braking. I had to do a sharp brake the other day and i felt an intense shudder run underneath the car. I’m taking the car to the shop soon but i’m nervous the price to repair might be excessive. Any ideas on what this could be? Have not had any major work done to this car yet. It was new when i got it.

Thanks to anyone for any advice they might give to me :slight_smile:

The shudder you felt under heavy braking was likely the anti-lock system operating. You should feel a rapid vibration in the brake pedal when this happens, and it’s completely normal.

As for the clang, I suspect something is loose and shifting when you hit the brakes. Have you looked around under the car to see if something is loose? A broken exhaust hanger, perhaps?

Does the clang happen once, or does it repeat until you remove your foot from the brake pedal?

I only hear the clanging noise when i need to break…so it happens when i’m coming to a stop or even just slowing down to turn a corner. Yeah i agree i’ve got to look underneath to see if anything is loose under the car.

Thanks for your advice/tips :slight_smile: I appreciate it!!!

 My first thot would be warped brake rotors, but that would not explain the clanging noise.

I don’t think the shudder is the anti-lock brake system because he feels it with light braking. And I doubt it would happen in hard braking unless the pavement was wet. I am going to bet my money on the rotors being warped. The noise could be the pads moving, altho I doubt it would be very loud.