Belt minder

A 1999 manual shift Corolla. Problem: belt minder flashes on dash when driver’s belt is buckled and does not flash when belt is recoiled. This happens when driving. However, if I wear a bulky sweater or a winter coat (meaning the belt is pulled out further), the light does not flash. So I can stop the flashing light by pulling the belt out by about an inch. However, engaging and disengaging the buckle doesn’t affect the light. There is no chime, just the flashing light. It’s been going on for almost a year and seemed to begin after I had deep cleaned my car (vacuumed under the seat). Since I prefer to wear the belt, the flashing light is very annoying. Thanks, Renee

You probably knocked the connector to the weight sensor in the seat loose when you vacuumed under there. Those sensors are the ones that say “hey, soemone’s sitting here, the belt needs to be clicked”.

They’re simple plug-in connections with clips to hold them together. You might have to unbolt the seat and lift it to access the connectors.