Passenger mirror replacement 2001 saturn SC1

This morning while backing out of my very small garage and quite sleepy I managed to knock off my passenger side mirror. While the mirror itself is fine the bracket is broke so I assume a full replacement was needed. My question is how safe are some of these after market sites? I managed to find replacements anywhere from 150 dollars to about 10 bucks…

The site I have in question is :

Is there anything wrong with this site or these mirrors? I’m no car expert and have someone who can install it but I cant imagine I’m able to get a replacement for only 10 bucks or do I happen to be in luck?


Looks like the right part. Use a credit card shopping online (NEVER a debit card) and you have nothing to worry about.

Anyone used these Kool Vue aftermarket mirrors before? Any issues?

I guess paying 10-20 bucks vs 145 retail it’s always worth a try…

I dunno. I’d want to know why its only $10 I guess. Also it looks like it is non returnable because it would be a body part.

They are also available at this site, you can look at the reviews. BTW, go through the complete checkout process at both sites before making the final decision, some sites makeup for low cost with high shipping and handling fees.,wpn_cat_name:Mirrors+%26+Components,wpn_scat_name:Mirrors,part:Mirror)

Here is another well respected site to do business with. The mirror is about $15 here.

Only one time have I ever had a problem with an aftermarket site. And it got resolved. And I’ve used them countless times over the past 10 years. I’ve used both of those in Keith’s response and been very pleased with both. I’ve never tried the one in your post, so I have no knowledge of them.

@Jpoc I recently installed a KoolVue mirror on a 2004 Grand Cherokee.

The electrical lead for the mirror motor was too short. I had to cut the lead off the old mirror in order to lengthen it.

The mirror glass SEVERELY vibrated. The old factory mirror glass didn’t vibrate, even with a worn bracket.

The price was right. That was the only good thing.

I usually go to a junk yard, I mean salvage yard first. They may have something in a bin that fits perfectly, or not. But I go there first.