Passenger door won't open

I had a dumb accident when exiting the library in my 4-door Nissan Sentry. I turned too hard to the right scraping my passenger door with one of the library’s support posts in its garage. There was no damage to the post but my door looks a tad ugly. (Amazingly no paint stripped off.) And I can’t get it open even after using the “try, try again” strategy with all of my muscular (sic) strength. (I’m a skinny guy.) Should I try using a crowbar or would that mess it up even further? It gets pretty da*n cold here in St. Louis (IMO) and would like to take care of this before lower temps freeze the door. Thanks a lot for any suggestions.

Check that: Nissan Sentra not Sentry. It’s a 2013.

If you have full coverage insurance just use your collision part, pay the deductible and have it repaired properly . If you don’t want to do that then a body shop is what you need to open it but I doubt that it will work as it should. Forget the crowbar idea that will just cause more damage.