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Passenger Door Leak

I have a 2008 Ford Focus SE and on the front passenger side door, there is a leak. When it rains part of the door fills up with water and i can hear it sloshing around. I think it leaks onto the carpet of the passenger’s side. What’s the best way to fix this? Thanks!

Open the door, and check if the drain holes at the bottom of door are plugged.



Yes there should be drain holes at the bottom. I had to clean many of those doors out when I serviced them.

Thank you, where would the water come in the door and will it rust the inside of the door? and is this a serious problem?

Water constantly comes into the door through the window seals and gaps around them. They are not water tight. It’s supposed to drain out the bottom and not stay inside the door. Open the door and look along the lower edge where the inside metal meets the door skin. Fish some plastic string (like weedwhacker line) up into the drain holes and keep your face away :wink: