1999 Pathfinder Replacement Part

No one seems to know the name for the part I’m looking for. Underneath the pathfinder, at the front of the vehicle, there is a protective cover that protects the oil pan area and the front axil and components. It is similar to a brush guard or a splash guard. I think it is made of plastic and it simply bolts to the bottom front end of the vehicle. PepBoys called it an “Under Armor Guard” but that’s not right. Another guy called it a “Protective Cover”. With the recent snow fall in chicago, my “Guard” fell off…I just noticed. Now I need to replace it, but cannot find the part because I don’t know the name. Can anyone help me?

The easiest way is to call the local dealership and ask the parts dept.

If it hangs down directly behind the front bumper it’s called an air dam.


At the dealer, pick it out of the pictures. no proper names needed.

That will be a dealer item anyway and you’ve done a great job describing it to the point of them getting to the diagram for you to see.
( by the way, stay the heck away from pee boys )

Out here in the four corners we deal with language differences, uninformed d.i.y. mechanics, and the " I don’t know, he just sent me in to get one " 80 miles from the vehicle messenger. We have gotten extremely accepting of sign language and vague descriptions to end up with exactly what they want.

Doesn’t really matter what they call it after all is said and done, You are already perfectly correct in your detailed description.

Much appreciated! Four Corners huh? My absolute favorite region of the country. I spent three weeks kayaking lake powell last year.

Thanks for the tips!

It’s called a splash guard. Someone probably removed it to do an oil change. It must be removed to change the filter. It’s a pain, but not the worse I’ve ever seen. Either someone forgot to put it back on after an oil change…or the guy doing the oil change all the time just couldn’t be bothered every time to remove it. But it is a necessary piece.

You’re best bet is to check a salvage yard.