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Parts for fuel tank

Hi, I have a 1997 Ford Explorer. I am replacing the fuel tank. There are two parts that go on top of the tank, besides the sending unit. One part looks like a vapor bleed off, but I the other part I do not know what it is. I broke it in half trting to take it out. It does have a plug for a electrical connection. Is it something foe emissions.


It is the fuel tank pressure sensor.

And yup, it’s for emissions. It monitors the air pcket in the tank, and if it becomes less negative (relative to ambient) than required it trips the Check Engne Light, the theory being that lack of a slight vacuum will allow a hydrocarbon molecule to escape and the sky will turn to blood and the clouds will come crashing down on the earth, affecting our orbit around the sun and detroying the earth for all eternity.

Sorry guys. I was reading an article about the EPA this morning. Had to take out my frustration.

very amusing, but dumb.

Thanks. I was shooting for the “amusing” part. I’ll happily accept credit/blame for the whole thing.

The main point seems to be that humans aren’t natural, and as such shouldn’t be allowed to interact with nature in any way.
So, when they ban CO2 altogether and no one is allowed to breath out, I suppose everyone will wonder why all the plants are dieing.