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Can someone identify a part for me please?

Hi im back and have a new problem. My car has been running rough not stalling just not smooth. Today i went to get gas and when i came out from paying i saw a puddle under the rear of the car. I reached down and touched it and yes it was gas. I did not over fill the tank so i knew it wasnt that. I was hearing a weird sound up front on the way home too kinda like a rattle. So bitter cold be dammed as soon as i got home i popped the hood and started looking for anything loose. Went under the car and found a metal pipe that runs from a round canister in the front of the car back under the car to it looks like the tank. This canister has some type of sensor on top with a booted wire coming out. I may be blonde but i can at least put 2 and 2 together, methinks this has something to do with my fuel tank leaking when i filled it. And possible emissions evap fuel vapor canister? Anyway i found a diagram on the web of it but it dont say what it is I circled it in red maybe one of you car guys can tell me what it is and does.

I guess no one knows. Wow this must be one of those parts that stumps people. I know its a canister and valve or switch just not what one.

Is this the V6 or 4 cylinder Tempo? what year? I use to own one of these back in the days(89) and still have the workshop manual for it…The part in red is called a SILENCER This part is installed between the check valve and the air cleaner housing to help muffle the pulses.It is part of the PULSE AIR INJECTION(PAIR) on 1988-93 U.S and Canadian model Tempo/Topaz. Your fuel leak couild be coming from the tank,a steel line etc.Get this car inspected by a competent mechanic.

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You must not be in the Western Hemisphere. Most posters here live in the USA. Your first post was about 3am in New York and the second about 6am. We were asleep, even the West Coast folks.

Works graveyard shift?

It’s weird they called out almost every obscure part in the engine compartment in that drawing, but not the really obvious one the OP is asking about. Go figure.

As far as the puddle of gas on the ground, are you sure OP that it wasn’t from somebody who filled their car before you ? Suggest to check for gas on the ground under the car before you get into your car to start it each time, for a while. And of course when filling. If you don’t see the gas puddle again, more likely that puddle of gas was already there and you have no leak.

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A car this old can have rust holes in the gas tank or fittings nearby. For gas to be leaking by the tank I don’t see how anything close to the engine would cause it.

The part circled may be the purge valve and if so it could cause fuel to drip from near the gas tank. If the purge valve is stuck closed and liquid fuel has accumulated in the charcoal canister it could vent anywhere in the evap system from the tank to the purge valve. Of course in cold weather I would expect there to be a problem with vacuum accumulating in the tank as the fuel is pumped out of the tank plus the fuel left in the tank cools and contracts.

Sorry not to say but the car is a 4 cylinder. So you think its the purge canister and valve, thanks. All i know is the big pipe that comes out the bottom up front is broken. And yes i posted late didnt think about it really just got home. I wonder if that purge valve would cause the car to run rough.

That is the diverter valve and silencer for the pulse air injection system. If the air injection pipes that connect the the exhaust pipe are broken you will have an exhaust leak and noise.

Oh hmm does the diverter valve have a can on it? This has what looks like a big tin can with a metal pipe out the bottom. The exhaust has been loud i thought i had a leak somewhere up front.

The diverter valve has a hose and vacuum line connected to it, the can below the diverter valve is the silencer.

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Thanks ill look into it. But my tranny started slipping this morning in the cold, so may have to wait on the valve.

A slipping transmission, gasoline and exhaust leaks…
The diverter valve might be the only thing that is still working properly.

Haha its funny but true. It started today i drove off without letting it warm up, and wow it would just rev and barely go, and not shift. But once it warmed up it shifted fine. I guess that will teach me to try and drive without the car warmed up. I hope i didnt damage the tranny.

The transmission fluid might be very low, have you checked the fluid level?

Oh yes first thing i did was check it. It probably needs a change my cousin had the car for 3 years and never changed it. Its kinda a brownish red, and it has some bubbles in it. The level looked fine though.

Just wondering but if it was a mechanical as in bands gears clutch etc wouldnt it slip all the time?

Auto trans slippage symptoms are often temperature dependent. Usually worse when cold.