Part time

i also have a kittle light in my vehicle that came on and it says part time what does that mean

What’s a “kittle”? Year, make, model would be helpful. The only “Part Time” reference I can think of applies to 2wd/4wd vehicles, as in Part Time 4wd (not for use on dry pavement). Try this link,


Ed B.

I will bet the original poster meant little light, not kittle light. K & L are next to each other on the keyboard. Phil- The Phrtoolman.

Whether that light is a “kittle” one or a little one, the best way to find out about its meaning is to consult the Owner’s Manual. This little book, which is apparently used by very few car owners, contains complete information on all of the dashboard controls, gauges, warning lights, operation of the vehicle, maintenance, etc. This is the best source of information when one has a question about a vehicle.

If you don’t have an Owner’s Manual, then it is advisable that you obtain one because there will inevitably be other questions that will arise about the vehicle.

Are we talking about an older jeep? The “part time” light on the jeep indicates that the part time 4WD has been engaged.