Part not carried in local part stores

My heater bypass valve has broken off on one of the hose detachment on my 03 cts and no part store carriers it…is there a away I can run my hoses without it?

Not available from the dealer? Have you tried

Yes but I need part today

You can run the hoses without it but you’ll either have heater all the time or none.
At the local parts house get two hose splices.
If you splice the two hoses that come out of the heater core together to each other in a loop…then the two hoses that come from the engine together in a loop…you’ll have no heater but water will flow correctly through the loop you made fo the engine hoses.
If you splice long ways, heater core hoses to engine hoses, the water will flow constantly and you may have heater all the time.

THen you can drive it while you wait for the parts order.

Contact an automotive recycler (ie junkyard)

There’s a new GM OEM part on eBay for 60 bucks with free shipping. That sounds reasonable enough other than the need it today part of the problem…

A splice should work temporarily and hopefully the engine was not overheated because of the part failure.