Parking Overdue Notice $200 Car sold 3 weeks earlier. VIN was read

Fine $100 Late Penalty $100 Amount Due $200

Sold the RX350 to CarMax March 20. We retained the plates.
In the online Parking Violations Bureau Dispute section we see our car backed into a parking space at a community baseball field April 11.
Looks nice!
No license plates. Blue Handicapped placard hanging from center mirror.
(Cars both side parked facing out. Car in RX350’s right appears to have two parking tickets under the wiper.)

Apparently Denver Police Parking Enforcement read the VIN.

I have begun the online Dispute process.

I sold a car and six months later got a summons for unpaid parking fines. Took a vacation day to provide the sales info to court and affidavit and force the transfer at dmv. The clerk looked the guys record up and said he should have known better. Diesel head gasket issues but the joker called me after replacing the gaskets and it still over heated. What do I know? That’s why I sold it for $200 and new tires. I suggested replacing the radiator. Must have got it figured out. Deal with jerks and find out.


Show them the bill if sale and this should be easy.

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So that means the roads are now safer? :smiley:

Yes! Replaced with a used 2023 RX350h

It seems the roads are NOT safer :frowning_face:

I was hoping you’d sold the Lexus and decided to give up driving for good


In California you notify the DMV, online or by mail, when you have sold a vehicle. I do it online the same day, but I keep the insurance on it for a month or so.

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The Dispute Form requests e-ddress and telephone number.
No response from Denver Violations Bureau.

Have taken a cellphoto of the dated Bill of Sale.
Seems suspicious thathe three vehicles in their photo are all parked facing out - hiding no rear license plates?

The 2023 RX350h is now an authorized emergencyehicle.
During an emergent blood platelet transport on a vacant stretch of Interstate highway, the 4-cylinder gently attained 116 mph - almost rivaling Kansas farmers in their King Ranch Expeditions!
(Sadly, the patient died.)