Help I think I bought a pre-owned Lemon



My wife and I bought a certified pre-owned 2008 lexus rx 350 seven months ago. It has been in the dealer’ shop just about every month since the purchase for every conceivable thing (o2 sensor, rear ball bearing, leaky tire, oil hose recall, dvd replacement). Since we have owned it, it has stalled upon starting but not on a regular basis and not just in the am. It has been to the dealer twice for this already and the dealer cannot get the symptom to reproduce. They check the computer for codes and everything comes back in spec. When we mentioned our concern from a safety and a value standpoint of our utter exhaustion in wanting them to stand behind the purchase, they are offering us $9000 less than the purchase price for a trade. We have put 8000 miles on it since the purchase. I think the total visits for the combined problems total 9 times. Since CT does not have a used lemon law, do we have any recourse with the dealer or are we at their mercy. All of the items are covered under the warranty and we also purchased an extended warranty. After 8 or 9 times to the dealerin only 7 short months, we want out, but feel like $8000 depreciation is excessive. If we hadn’t had these problems we feel we wanted want to trade it in. PLease, help guide us!


Have you considered trading it elsewhere for something else?


I thought the dealer would feel a sense of responsibility and not depreciate it as if we were off the street with a trade in. I will research other dealer’s however. Thanks for the suggestion.


Things do break on cars. An O2 sensor, rear wheel bearingand a dvd replacement don’t make the car a lemon. The oil hose was a recall and a leaky tire can happen on any car. I don’t know about the stalling on start-up. You might try turning the key to on and not to start for about 15 seconds to see if this is a fuel pump problem.

Your problems seem unrelated and I know that these problems are an annoyance. Since you have warranty, I would give it a little more time and see what happens.


Thanks for your input. Our previous car never saw the dealer other than for routine maintenance. This is a new position for us to be in. Thanks for your input. After waiting 15 seconds, if it still stalls might that indicate a fuel pump problem.