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Unable to release parking brake on 1994 Infinity Q45

The parking brake is both set and released with the parking brake foot pedal. I can’t get it to release. Does anyone know if there is a release button or another way to release the parking brake?? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks, upchuck1

More than likely the parking brake cable is rusted.

This usually occurs where the cable splits off to both rear brakes. You can try spraying a penetrating lubricant in the split of the cable and hope this releases the cable.

And if that doesn’t work, you then go to the back-sides of the rear backing plates of the rear brakes and cut the cables. Then you replace the rear cable assembly.


Thanks Tester!! Problem resolved! The brake cable must have been frozen (thankfully not rusted). Problem happened when temp was below zero - it released today at 50* temp. Note to myself: Don’t use parking brake in extreme cold weather! Thanks all!

I had this same problem happen on my 70’s Ford truck a few years ago, similar kind of parking brake system, you press on a pedal with your foot to set the parking brake. Wasn’t caused by freezing in my case, just a little corrosion of the mechanism inside the cab. I fixed it up straight away with some wd-40 and later after I’d used it a few more times, I put a little light oil on the mechanism. Has worked fine since. You might ask the dealer if they’d suggest some WD 40 be applied as it will help displace any water in the mechanism that could later freeze it up again.

I used to have that trouble with my Riviera. Not enough to put the brake on but enough to turn the brake light on. I’d have to pull on the cable from underneath while pulling on the brake release lever.


I realize your truck’s parking brake is set with the pedal . . .

But it has a separate release handle, correct?

Yes db4690, I have to pull on a handle to release the brake. But when it stuck, the handle wouldn’t release the mechanism. And when it did release, pressing on the pedal often wouldn’t set the brake, the pedal would just pop back up. The cleaning & lube fixed both problems. In my case the problem was inside the cab. Parking brakes can jam up in other places of course, including back on the rear wheels.