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Parking Brake

My van has been not used for one month juring january. It has been below freezing for most of that time. As I started it and put it in drive, the PBS light came on.

I tried unlocking it. I pushed on the parking brake and unlocked it. However, the back wheel is still not rotating.

What do I do?

I think that the “PBS” light must mean that your radio is tuned to the wrong station.

You should get down on the ground in front of the rear wheel and move the parking brake cable around to break it free. Keep in mind that it can be kinked if you go wild on it. You will be lucky if it works without having it towed to the shop. You know now that you can’t leave the parking brake on for a month in the Winter, or ever, for that matter.

You might have to tap gently on the little lever on the back of the wheel that connects to the end of the park brake cable.

Or the right station, depending on your persuasion…

Park it in a heated garage if you can borrow one for 12 hours would be an easy solution also. Ice can build up and “Freeze the cable in place”

It might be bad to move it to a heated garage with the rear brakes locked!!