Parking brake rear brake connection? hyundai



I have a 2002 Hyuandi Elantra GT. My parking brake broke some time ago. I have been keeping a rock in my trunk instead of replacing the brake. I replaced my own brakes last time and I thought thought that my rear breakes were set by my emergency brake. Well, I just had a garage replace my back brakes and rotors and they didnt fix my barking brake.

Should I or do I need to get my parking brake fixed?

There is only one side broken, could I do it myself?

Thanks for your help



It’s a dirty annoying job but not too difficult. Your cable has likely broken on one side. Then new cable can be purchased from the dealer and then you need to thread it through the backing plate of the rear brakes and into the parking brake lever inside the drum. Then you have to run the cable to the lever in the cabin. This is done from under the car. I strongly recommend eye protection when you do this and make sure your car is on jack stands. Good luck.