Parking Brake Honda CRV

I recently had the rear brakes on my 2003 Honda CRV replaced. The next day I noticed that the emergency brake was not working correctly. When I had the car in neutral and applied the hand brake on a hill, the hand brake did not hold the car. It would start to slide. Is this just a concidence or could this be the result of something that happened during the brake repair?

Whoever did the brake job should have checked the hand brake also. May just need adjustment.
I’d take it back.

I agree. The parking brake should have been adjusted as part of the rear brake replacement. The parking brake lever acts on the rear brakes only. Take it back.

It is shameful to do brake work on a car and deliver it in this way,even if you never worked on the rear brakes.

Thanks for the advice. I felt much more comfortable being armed with information. We took it back this afternoon. Stated pretty much what was said here and the mechanic fixed it. Not sure we will be returning to this garage for work again. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.