Rear wheels locked up. 1996 Hyundai Elantraq

Rear wheels are locked up. Was told this could be a parking brake cable problem. Does that sound right?

Does the parking brake set and release normally? If so, the cable is probably NOT the problem. Is this an AWD vehicle?

If they lock up when appling the parking brake and after releasing the parking brake, yes, it’s a parking brake cable problem.


Parking brake feels a bit mushy. Front wheel drive. Back wheels just flat locked up.

The parking brake is the ONLY thing that can cause BOTH rear wheels to lock at the same time…The car needs to go up on a lift and the entire system inspected…

It COULD be a weird problem with the hydraulic brakes…

What about a defective porportioning valve?


Right…But that’s million to one shot…

Ok, appreciate the help…gotta get some sleep.Will inform when I get it done.