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Parking Brake Cables

The Car: 2000 Mazda B2500

My Issue: The parking brake cable is segmented out into three sections, front, intermediate, and rear. The front segment broke about 4 inches away from the pedal and after much ado, I found a replacement cable. I have extracted the old cable housing from within the cabin of the truck and I have removed the old cable housing from underneath the vehicle. Where I’m stuck is getting the old segment of the front cable unjoined from the intermediate segment. the coupler used seems to hold the bead very tight. Has anyone done this? How can I remove the old cable from that coupler so I can put the new one in place?

I found a solution to getting the coupler unjammed. It involved rigging together a small workbench with a clamp to hold the couple in place. I then used an old assembly from a defunct drill press to enter from the top and apply downward pressure to the bead until it loosened. It eventually popped right out.