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Parasitic draw from radio

2004 Escalade esv 6.0 tested to find draw and removed fuses to find the radio fuse Is pulling power from both connections. Went behind the dash and radio checked connections, wired up without harness connector. Would It possibly be the radio itself or the connection and how to test to see

it’s the radio

This was a somewhat problem with gm radios during the mid-2000s

How does the draw change comparing the radio turned off vs on? When it is turned on how does the draw vary as the speaker volume in changed?

There’s often two power inputs to a car radio. One is used only for keeping its user settings (favorite stations, etc) alive in memory. The other is used for the main power to the radio, powering the tuner and the audio amplifiers. When I install a radio I usually hook the first one up to a power source that’s always live (i.e. directly to the battery) and the second one up to a source that’s only live with the key in “on”. So in that configuration there may be two different fuses involved.