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Paper delivery

So I deliver the newspaper, and the cul-de-sacs prematurely wear the tread on my tires. Is there a recommendation I can make to my mechanic for him to make adjustments to allow me to get more life out of my tires? I drive 80 miles a day, and use the car primarily for delivery. Occasionally, I do use the car to make short trips.

If all of the alignment specifications are in tolerance, the alignment has been properly done (by centering the rack first THEN starting), and the chassis is on good shape, there’s nothing more that can be done.

Tell me, what kind of car is it,
how many miles does it have on it,
have you kept the maintenance up to date,
are there any other symptoms, and
are the tires wearing evenly? Any anomolies in the wear pattern?

…and, what tire pressure are you using?

How does that pressure compare to the car mfr’s recommended pressure?

…and how many people still read newspapers, with nearly everything being online now?

Seriously, I doubt anything can be done to improve the wear and tear on your tires, except if something is wrong with your car, as the posts above suggest there may be.

Driving 80 miles a day at slow speed, even through several cul-de-sacs, ought not to wear out your tires any more than by typical usage. As others have said, check your pressure and alignment. You can also choose your next set of tires for long tread life.

How the heck do you know it’s the cul-de-sac’s that’s causing the premature tire ware???

@RemcoW I read the paper version every day. There is a lot in the paper version that is not on line.

About all you can do is keep the tires at the proper pressure and rotate them more often.

i read the papers every day too.

I’d still like to know what kind of vehicle it is. I could be wrong, but a Jeep Liberty 4X4 is probably harder on tires in tight turns than a Civic. Or maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps the leaning over of an SUV is harder on the tire’s edges.

I’m having a hard time seeing cul de sacs being responsible for excessive tire wear. If that were the case then every vehicle would be chewing up tires right and left from normal everyday turns that are often much sharper.

What tires do you use? Get a hard rubber compound to maximize tire life. BTW, this will reduce grip to some extent. No free lunch.

Tires wear faster if you turn often(cities) rather than driving straight mostly(eg highways). The OP is correct about shorter life since he does the extreme of turning.

Hmmm…After 2 days without any responses to our questions, I think that this was a “drive-by” post.

My advice is to slow down in cul-de-sacs.

That is good advice Whitey, but…after 5 days with no responses to the questions that we posed, I think that the OP has probably departed for parts unknown.

Increase your tire pressure to 3-4 psi above the recommendation on the placard on your vehicle. Tight turns are hard on the tire edges, the increased pressure will help.