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Why do my tires keep wearing out?

2 years ago, my tires wore out and we replaced them. Last year, my tires were worn already and we replaced them again. My husband had the dealership check the alignment and rhesearched the new tires to make sure we good, quality tires. Now, my tires are worn yet again. Our local Cheverolet dealership checked the alignment on the computer and it looks normal. They seem to want to blame the tire quality. The car is a 2002 with 130,000 miles. I usually put on about 15,000 per year. Are there any other explanations? My brother blames my style of driving. Please discredit him.

What brand, rating, etc. tires are you buying?

If they are V rated tires, they will wear out in 20k to 25k miles. They have a soft rubber compound for performance grip. Low air pressure will wear out the edges. High air pressure will wear out the centers. Driving hard and braking hard will wear out tires early.


I can only add that doing a lot of local driving with many turns per day will wear tires out much faster than expressway driving. However, in my experience, most tires are worn out prematurely by improper inflation pressure, as knfenimore has suggested.

I agree. I get about 22k-28k miles out of a set of Z or Y rated summer tires. Even 30k miles out of set of H or V rated tires on AWD wouldn’t be terribly excessive.

Your Outback is all wheel drive, right? The thing I don’t see in your post is that you’ve been rotating your tires (you talk about alignment, new tires, and alignment again, no rotation).

Have you? If not, that in itself can cause premature wear on an AWD system. Include regular rotations in you maintenance schedule.