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Panel and running lights

96 dodge caravan. Panel and running lights work rarely. Most often not at all but sometimes just the driver running light flashes and i can here a clicking sound in relay switch, which I replaced. Any help?

Perhaps a bad headlight switch or maybe a poor ground.

If there is a short someplace, an experienced person with a wiring schematic diagram of your vehicle should be able to locate it (Unless you can do this yourself of course).

Locating the fault can be very time consuming and therefore labor intensive ($).

Check the light switch for a problem and verify that it is woking as it should be. If that is ok then you need to move down the line and check for a bad connection.

This might be of help, as shaky as it is.

Figure 11 I think.

The park light relay is grounded through the headlight switch but note the circuit goes through the Body Control Module.
At this point I agree with Roadrunner about a faulty headlight switch as being the most likely cause followed by a BCM glitch.