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2003 Grand Caravan - Headlights and stoplights suddenly stopped working plus a clicking

2003 Grand Caravan - Was told by friendly motorist that stoplights were out, all three. ASSuMEd that the bulbs should be OK as all three stopped working at the same time. Fuse checked out OK so I replaced the stoplight switch. No fix. Then I discovered that the lo-beam headlights were not working. Cant even find the fuse for those. To top if off, when the van is running and in park, when I depress the break pedal there is a click in the steering column. this click does not happen when driving. HELP

You may have visually checked the fuse but did you at least use a test light probe to check for voltage getting to the switch? If not, you need to do that as it appears the power isn’t getting to the switch for some reason. The trouble may be in the power distribution panel under the hood.

The switch activates a relay which in turn passes the high current needed for the lights. The relay may be the cause of the clicking sound that you hear. Check the relay and socket for corrosion. A poor connection can cause a relay to chatter instead of locking in the on position.