Iwas wondering where i can find paint code on 1990 buick lesabre. thanks

Go to a public library and look up the VIN codes for Buick. You can also Google “Buick vin code”. Plenty of sites. If that fails, call a body shop.

I am not certain the VIN has paintcode information. Instead look for a label with such data. Two likely places are on the driver’s-side doorpost, and there might be one under the hood on the chassis near the radiator.

Another place to look for it is inside the trunk on the underside (of the trunk door). I had a 2000 Grand Prix and it was located there.

The paint code is usually on the last line of the Spid sticker. Mine is on the inside of the glove box on my 2000 Blazer and the trunk of my 93 Caprice. Its a white sticker with several lines of 2 or 3 character codes. This link should help you find it.

Here is a link to a list of Spid codes for a Caprice, but should include most GM spid codes too.

Also, you can go to a GM dealer, give them the VIN number and they should be able to print out a build sheet for your car and you can order a bottle of touch up paint if needed.

Ed B.