RPO Codes (options list for your car) missing on my vehicle

Hi Everybody,
The RPO Codes sticker is missing on my 2007 GMC Envoy and I wanted to know if there was a way to retrieve the info with just the vin# I need the paint code info to make some touch-ups, and there are three shades of silver listed for my truck…
Thanks for reading my post and for any suggestions!

How about either going to or calling a GMC dealer?

If you decide to call, have your VIN ready


Your paint dealer can also supply the proper color with the VIN code as well.

BUT… on a 2007 vehicle you are probably better off taking a panel off the car… fuel filler door or mirror maybe… into the paint store so they can match the faded color instead of the original color. Unless, of course, you are doing a full respray.

The paint code is also stamped into the ID plate generally on the firewall under the hood.

Once you put in the vin you’lll need to scroll down a little to get to the RPO’s including the color code.

Any gm car dealer should be able to look it up for you. My key got worn out on an 03 and had a new one cut by vin number, 10 bucks and worked fine, so I think you should have no problem going to a dealer and requesting what you need. It was on off lease vehicle I purchased used from a guys brother who bought it to resell, so no idea who the original dealer was.

Normally the paint code would be on the metal id plate with the VIN also coded with something like BC or CC etc. Not the one on the dash. This would be the plate under the hood some place. But agree they can computer match off of a color sample. Sometimes the RPO list is in the dash or under the seat someplace.

At roughly 15 years of age and depending upon where you live the best option might be to have the paint shop match the paint to the vehicle itself instead of an RPO code since there are 3 shades; all of which will be affected by environmental conditions.

In other words, the correct RPO coded paint may not match your vehicle at all. Heat and sunlight, etc can do a number of paint.

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The type pf touchup was not stated . Small scratches or larger places needing a spray (rattle can )?

On this old of a vehicle I would just try a paint on a piece of metal and hold it next to vehicle and see how it matches . As stated fading will make a difference.

Here are the colors, you should be able to find it:
2007 GMC Envoy Color Options - CarsDirect

More info here
2007 GMC Envoy Colors of Touch Up Paint (automotivetouchup.com)

Thanks for all the replies. Post #4 answered my question and the link to vindecoderz.com was able to provide the build sheet for my specific truck…I got the correct paint info plus tons of other info about rear gear, original tire size, trim level, build date etc. The site automatically translated the GM codes into fairly readable text (Which is a whole other problem with RPO codes in general)…There were some dealer related things that did not translate, but overall I was very happy to have a good deal of the pertinent info about my specific truck right there for me. Thanks again to all who replied!

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