hey guys i have a 1999-jeep cherokee,that someone spill paint on the back of the front been dry,for month,any idea on how to get it off.

Is it fabric or vinyl? If the material is fabric, the seat will have to be recovered with new material. If YOU remove the seat, this will not cost as much as you think.

Goof off might work if is latex.

Yes, it might…But remove the seat from the car anyway, so you can use a high pressure washer on it…If that fails, at least you already have the seat out and ready for the upholstery shop…

“Paint” is very vague.

If it is oil-based paint, that month-old stain is permanent. If it is water-based (latex) paint, it is possible that you can get it off with vigorous scrubbing, coupled with lots of water. However, having waited a month to try to remove it will not make this process easy, even if it is water-based paint.

Caddyman’s suggestion of removing the seat in order to deal with the situation is a very good idea.