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Jeep seats- easily "stained"

So it seems that even spilling water on my seats gives them a stained appearance. I don’t mind but when others ride in my car I think they are a bit disgusted at the idea of sitting on them! I don’t know how to clean them considering they aren’t truly dirty. I’m worried trying to clean them could make it worse. Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

As a detail shop to clean them and then spray them with Scotchgard.

I too, noticed that the seats in my '04 Jeep Liberty were easily stained. Even rain or snow flakes leave water marks. After my best cleaning effort could not remove the stains to my satisfaction, I took the Jeep to an expert detail shop. They told me that they had noticed certain Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep vehicles made in '03 and '04 have a tendency to get seat-stains easily. Apparently, this was due to an oversight in designing a durable fabric for the seats.

I don’t recall what they used to get the seat stains out. So I cannot answer your question directly. But I can speak about future prevention of seat-stains:

Scotchgard helps, but the seats still get water marks.

My final solution was to put in some seat covers, purchased for $40CAN total (for 2 front seats). Probably not the solution you’re looking for, but aside from re-upholstering the seats, or trying dozens of Scotchgard-like products, it’s an easy fix.

another “solution” is to purposely stain the seats…then they won’t looked stained…then scotch guard them.

Every cloth car seats I’ve owned for 20+ years I scotchguard once a year. Even when our kids were younger the seats looked pretty good.