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Paint Scratches

An auto-mechanic once surprised me by removing scratches from the corners of my front bumber. The scratches were a result of rubbing the bumper to garage concrete walls and were NOT superficial.

Now I have scratches on my rear bumper and I can’t find the mechanic. Does anyone have successful experiences with “scratch vanish” products. Any suggestions?

The Amazing Scratch Vanishing Mechanic Has Vanished.

Something doesn’t sound right. To me, a scratch in the paint that can be removed is by nature, superficial. Non-superficial scratches have cut through the paint. Scratches caused by rubbing a concrete walls don’t sound like they’d be superficial, but you claim they were removed(?)

Does this mechanic fly? Does he wear a cape, by chance? Have you checked the Krypton directory?

P.S. superficial: lying on, not penetrating below, or affecting only the surface

Go buy a scratch removal product from your car parts store, and start rubbing. I use Meguiar’s products, but you can try whatever suits you. Prepare to do some work.

See if a shop can buff it, it may come out.

Meguiars Scratch-X works in many cases if you follow the directions. I am a skeptic of these products but was pleasantly surprised for a $5 tube of stuff.